Suspicion of Indifference

R.L. Buss is surly as a butcher’s dog. Buy this book and you buy him dinner.

“R.L. Buss is surly as a butcher’s dog. Buy this book and you buy him dinner.”


“I drink to level the playing field.”

Mudd is a professional pornographic letter writer who can’t seem to get his act together, much less care about it. He lives in a friend’s garage, his girlfriend is a shrew and he indulges in any drink or drug that comes his way.

Funny thing is he’s the least crazy person in town.


Suspicion of Indifference is a dive novel. It is equal parts uncouth anarchistic parade, brut-folk satire, standup narrative, disruptive literary mashup and grotesque West Coast opera buffo. If Bukowski had written Confederacy of Dunces with Gonzo and Seth Rogen looking over his shoulder the result would be this triple bastard of a farce.


Mudd is the anti-Quixote, an unhero on no kind of quest, in an absurd world where all the windmills are tilting at him.


R.L. Buss has written five books, including Life Between Cigarettes, and his fiction, poetry, essays, photos and commentary have appeared in publications such as San Diego City Beat, Happy, Impact Press, San Diego Free Press and the museum of americana.

He once adapted, produced and performed a dramatic reading of Kerouac’s On the Road accompanied by live jazz. That was pretty fucking cool.

Suspicion of Indifference is his first novel.


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