Ragged Archetypes is a literary and photographic cartel of one concerned with publishing uncouth and brut-folk words and images.

Specialties include garage literature, street and geo photography, road poetry, organic journalism, outsider American studies and outlaw ephemera in a geography lacking ads, trends, formulas, pork or pretense.

The cartel is committed to offering books, articles, ideas, images and statements at only the highest levels of creative integrity. This entity believes in the rights and dreams of the artist, not the wallets and contracts of the middlemen.

Ragged Archetypes. Pursuing creative independence.

Not in the club.

Your comments and concerns are greatly appreciated.


R.L. Buss has written five books, including Life Between Cigarettes, and his fiction, poetry, essays, photos and commentary have appeared in publications such as San Diego City Beat, Happy, Impact Press, San Diego Free Press and the museum of americana.

He once adapted, produced and performed a dramatic reading of Kerouac’s On the Road accompanied by live jazz. That was pretty fucking cool.

Suspicion of Indifference is his first novel.

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