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Twenty-First Century poetic landscapes.

American Sigh : Night Becomes A Ghost

Lately the night’s flesh wanders into flame …

The night overcame us early and I had to touch it
The weight of the bottle rang as the flame hissed over the candle
The stars passed us on the trails of rocks and sand
The wine gurgled and the equalizer was always on
The song ends and I walk around
the chords that dance in front of the window
the chords that tell us what the words really mean
at the end of the seawater night made of waves
at the end of a songwriter’s dream made of stretches and notes

We hesitate and the night becomes a ghost
Tops of trees blow away in the guitar solo
Riffs become roofies
and the frogs outside windows
take off and burn off of little wings
taken from heroes of silences in these noisy days

Tripping wild we still know where we are
Straight on until a morning sun also rises in the east
and on the other side of the world
it is just beginning to rest
this much I remember

I remember setting an oil well on fire
I watched the oil wells on fire
while the moon swung around the Earth like a cat

Come across the sand to see the ocean in the morning
Lately the night’s flesh wanders into flame
its eyes short of breath in their watching

I can’t finish anything tonight
but that wandering beast love doesn’t care
it wears my attention deficit like a silk evening gown
while a violence much hated rips the cork from a bottle of wine