Category: No Concessions

Zoetropic criticism, antagonism and cinejism; a new direction in film crit. Downward, in a spiral, stopping only in a run-down theater with sticky seats and no concessions.

Fair Princes Of Illusion

What does it mean to save a life, and where are your mutineers now, Bligh?

Flown off to the 23rd Century to meet the needs of the many, and the one

Superman has joined the Federation and become an outlaw, a real life Peter Pan, innocent flying boys now named Kirk

Harve Bennett, I heard your name on the radio today, you died last year, and perhaps the Enterprise will find you on Genesis

Choosing to face their fate, who they are, they become themselves, again

Planetary distress, possibility, just turn back time, thank you very much Einstein, clean the water off the screen, fair princes of illusion, going backward through the asshole of time

But Kirk, you can’t be Christian, you can’t be Hook, you’re from Iowa, of course you wouldn’t recognize the sound of a whale