Tease of Autumn

Ye olde golden bones of autumn

            you dapple the streets with your crinkle-cut cellulose

            your toes are dipped in the Marilyn white of winter

                        stepchild of summer, blind-dropper, clock-reverser

                        harvest the light found unbecoming of shade


Eggs are not born to die and be eaten in autumn

            you, who made love with me those cold Central Florida nights at your mother’s

            you, who I ate, your hardboiled egg-breasts, creamy and eighteen

                        dudded-out cotton bodysuit stud that snapped above your pud

                        dry-eyed and bleary-teary over you come spring

                                    take that summer!


Snakes raise November, and the stakes are raised on your rage, autumn

            you, bunker rats and street whores, introduced like a bullet through a window

            your trees remembered how to apply lipstick to the green pig of summer

                        pumpkin dumplings and awkward kisses with the sky

                        Daniel Plainview drinks my milkshake, but I drinks the tease of autumn


Working like a boxer you do, autumn, and I cry for you

            you’ve jumped off my lap, an orange cat of trailing, waning sunlight

            you could suckle in a pickle, hinting, doubting, then bolting past the solstice

                        hitting, hitting, then dodging your cold wind of fancy footwork

                        horse and buggy of trees moving off like walking cornstalks

                                    into the sunset

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