Normal Heights Gazetteer 4 : Bigger Than Bubblegum

Continue down Adams and…wait, what’s that smell? Ribs and kabobs, kettle corn and fried everything. This is the Adams Avenue Street Fair, and man, it’s bigger than bubblegum. One weekend each September this neighborhood opens up and throws down. Adams is closed, and you hear world-class music like Gilbert Castellanos while a carnival spins in the Community Center field. The fair is in town and people are struttin’.

The fair is in town and people are struttin’.

They chase life here in Normal Heights. They are not the bowties of life, then again, maybe they are, polka dot instead of black silk. If Walt Whitman were 186 years old he would write poetry about the bread man who rides up and down Adams on his bike selling fresh loaves from the Phoenician bakery.


Normal Heights is located on a triangular plateau between the 8, 805 and 15 freeways about five miles northeast of downtown San Diego. This story first appeared in San Diego City Beat.


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