Crows That People Hear

… fighting off the lines of everything else, including the gravel roads that no one ever hears about …

I walk and I listen and I talk to you some more

The wine gurgles and the connection burgles just a little more

Innocence carries me to a place where I was not innocent
only waiting
for the play and the dream to begin
but it would only begin
and never end

All alone from the friends that know and said they love you
don’t love you and still buy you drinks and smokes and wave to you when you leave
and fall upon you when you come home
even if you never go home

With the wavy blue lines of the Interstate
fighting off the lines of everything else
including the gravel roads that no one ever hears about
including the crows that people hear but never acknowledge
will live forever

The lies that live from year to year squeeze within our heads

The lies turn to pool halls with one table in the midst of midnight pine trees
beer cans falling to the pool of ambition that lands in an increase in volume
to the tops of wandering saints
and so many sinners who can’t afford the wine

I pull myself across anyway, regardless
and my baby don’t call from beyond the grave to grieve me
here’s where I walk

Walkin’ and I’m talkin’ I can’t give no more
Applaudin’ the derelict
Makin’ time stop for all that has happened

The trees make time stop and the rain made time stop and the mountains
made us hurry and the gray aftercoldnoons made us hurry a little more
for the children who never were able to ask for anything
but an hour with their father heaven shuffling across the sky
and here I sit in the realm of memory
waiting for some shallow singer to live my life for me

Springs and creeks and waterfalls ask what’s wrong
Frogs and last chances tell what’s wrong
Your temporary friends can’t tell or retell or foretell
and the end comes soon
and you try to change it but you’re stuck in the middle but that don’t matter
the silence kicks in
and that don’t sound nuthin’
like a typewriter

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