Nothing Stops Forever

Even if bullies should shove you down stairs, then eat your heart like Henry VIII ate a drumstick, so shall you never sleep …

A beekeeper walks alone into an Appalachian sunset
and his bees still make honey
The cream filling oozes
from the center of a chocolate cupcake
and radio pop songs still sweeten
the insides of our ears
Stock markets tumble and burn like space shuttles
and children are still tucked into the bed
of a Norman Rockwell painting
Thoughts drift into dunes
for a meditating Buddhist monk named Vinny
and rockets still glaze the sleeping night
above everyone’s Bethlehem

Madmen moan at the moon
and throw spoons from the galleys of ships
on excursions to faraway lands
only they can see
and nothing stops forever
Shouts launch avalanches
from the heavens of fairytale mountains
tormented by the flags and oxygen bottles
of buried men
and nothing stops forever
Jesters dance alone in golden palaces
for queens and their courts
then whisper
that we are the shadows
of our own desires
and nothing stops forever
Peach farmers pick knobby pits
from fuzzy fruit that falls from trees
whose autumn leaves
will soon be frozen
into a blanket for the winter earth
and nothing stops forever

Even as thunderstorms spawn tornadoes
that rip the windows from your house
and the air from your lungs
so shall you never rest
Even if bullies should shove you down stairs
then eat your heart
like Henry VIII ate a drumstick
so shall you never sleep
Even when your halo walks home alone
through the sad atmosphere
of an unguided streetlight
so shall you always see

A simple threshold might redeem a crappy song
An empty palm makes for heavy reading
It’s easy to die when you’re loved by one who’s lost

When the end of the play is exposed
as a sneering television journalist
prepare to curate your own bones
while you fill in the shells with crabs
and pound the erasers in the schoolyard
and draw mockingbirds in front of clouds
and watch harvest moons rise like pumpkins in the East
and sail schooners laden with silken sails
and drink whiskey like rainwater
and pull the pants down
on this day
and just
fuck it

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